What makes Physics difficult?

Many students consider Physics as a difficult subject. But, is it true? I have seen many students taking active interest in Physics after attending a few sessions. So, Physics is not basicallly a difficult subject, but an interesting one. One will not be able to enjoy a game unless he knows the rules and techniques of the game as well as acquires the skills required. Here in this article, we are going to analyse the various factors which makes physics an apparently difficult subject and how we can make physics learning interesting .

What makes Physics Difficult
What makes Physics Difficult

The complete article will be published soon, but before that I want the inputs from students and teachers. Please post your inputs are comments to this post.


As per the feedback received from students and others, the main points of concerns which make Physics difficult for students are:

Summary of Feedback obtained from students

  • Numerical problems
  • Complex statements
  • Difficult to remember formulas
  • Hard to understand concepts
  • Complex graphical representation of concepts and deducing ideas and conclusions
  • Confusing terminologies
  • Too lengthy syllabus
  • Complex mathematical components involved
  • Lengthy and complex derivations
  • Heavy syllabus
  • Formulae that appear to be similar but entirely different in context
  • The same symbols take different meanings in different chapters
  • Too much mathematics involved in physics make it difficult for the students without mathematics as a subject of study.
  • Too much of logic and reasoning, understanding of concept is less and application of concept is even more difficult.
  • The language of Physics is difficult

Any Physics Teachers here?

I would like to appreciate the responses and feedback from Physics teachers regarding the points pointed out by the students.

Are the points genuine or a misconception or illusion?

How to overcome these difficulties?

How to make Physics learning (as well as teaching) more interesting and rewarding for the teachers as well as students?

How to solve numerical the right way?

How to remember the derivations without learning by rot?

How Physics is life itself?

Please use the following form to post your feedback.


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