Surprise your teachers with amazing score in Physics !

Do you want to bring a big surprise to your teachers, parents and friends by scoring amazing marks in Physics exam?

Here are some tips!

Have you been branded as a slow learner or a weak students in Physics so far?

Do you fear of failure in Physics in the forthcoming examination?

Is Physics a nightmare to you?

Not any more !


Religiously follow these guidelines and you will be astonished by the results.

These are a set of instructions with proven track record


These are not intended for students who score more than 90%, but for those students who score less than 40%. This will help the students to score more than 60 – 80% depending on how much you are able to follow the directions.

Following the guidelines will help you prepare yourselves to score more with a few days of hard work!

If you are ready Go on … !

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Do you know the Past Profession of Great Celebrities?

Past Profession of Celebrities.

Do you know what the great celebrities were doing before they became famous?

Here is an online activity to check your knowledge on the past professions of great celebrities.


This is a drag and drop match the following activity. The celebrities include Desmond Titto, Clement Atley, Aesop, Benjamin Franklin and more.