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  • Strike while the iron is hot !
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Dear students, CBSE has given you more time for exams. We have approximately 7 days before the Physics exams. How to use this seven days effectively for a thorough revision is very important. 7-8 days of sleeping is a must. One hour of exercise 1 to 2 hours for break fast lunch […]
  • Dreams come true only for those who do their part
    AskPhysics Blog Feed I was recently narrating the life story of a girl from Dindigul who got married to a police constable at the age of 14. She was not even reached class 10. She became the mother of two kids by the age of 18. During that time she had to accompany her husband […]
    AskPhysics Blog Feed “The Philosophers who worked in search of the Philosophers’ stone and those set themselves dedicated to find the elixir of life”The works of those in search of the Philosopher’s stone didn’t go in vain, They made the beginning. The beginning itself was so wonderful that anyone who got touched by the idea […]
  • Quarks, conservation, entanglement
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Doubt from AskPhysics.comI have heard the following statements-> 1. Quarks always exist in a group of 2 or 3, and can not stand alone. 2. Protons are made up of 2 up quarks, and 1 down quark. 3. Quantum mechanics allows us to entangle a particle by somehow dividing it into 2(For […]
  • Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown
    AskPhysics Blog Feed Plus Two Physics Oral Test series Many schools have started oral questioning also as part of diagnostic and formative assessment. The initiative was … Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown The post Prepare for Physics oral test too during lockdown appeared first on Ask Physics.
  • Theory of Relativity
    AskPhysics Blog Feed The basic concepts of relativity are explained in a very simplified way that are easy to understood by Mr. Vivek Sawhney in this YouTube Video… The video focuses upon the general discussion on Theory of Relativity….What is the theory of Relativity? What is time dilation and length contraction? SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube […]
  • A numerical problem from motion in 1 Dimension
    AskPhysics Blog Feed A boy plays with a ball on a field surrounded by a fence which has a height of 2.5m . He kicks the ball vertically up from a height of 0.4m with a speed of 14 ms−1. (a) What is the maximum height of the ball above the fence? (b) What is […]

CBSE AISSCE AISSE syllabus and text book in pdf for download

Yogeswaran posted: “im searching AISSCE books in CBSE syllabus by Pdf i want to download it”

Dear students, The text books used by CBSE schools are the NCERT Textbooks. They are available for download (FREE) at the ncert website. I am providing the links for easy access.

Please note that the books are in pdf form and the different chapters are zipped. You have to download the zipped file and then extract the zipped files. You can use them for personal use. But copyright prohibits the unauthorized printing for any commercial purpose.

You can download all other subjects for all other classes at THIS LINK
CBSE syllabus is available for download at the CBSE website. You can visit the CBSE website providing Curriculum/Syllabus from the link here


Find below a collection of interesting Articles I came across while Browsing the web. Links are provided to the original website for complete reference   LATEST PHYSICS NEWS http://feeds.feedburner.com/physicsnews Can The Invisible Man See?   H.G.Wells classic novel “The invisible man” may have inspired a lot of ideas in the new generation, but if we […]

Explanation For Empirical Horopter: Density Of Photoreceptors

Karolis  asks: ” External SiteLink -In this website (and in many more) in page 5, it’s written that photoreceptors are more densely packed in nasal areas of retina than temporal. That’s one of the explanations why empirical horopter (that’s the unit of all points in visual field, that are seen in the same position monocularly) deviates from theoretical. In page 6, in graphs we see that the same segment in visual field has longer arc in nasal retina than temporal (binocular vision). I don’t see how these two things agree: density of photoreceptors in nasal and temporal retinas and the magnitude of arcs. If compensation would be the case, then I think it should be the reverse situation. Given there are less amount of photoreceptors in temporal area, arc should be longer than that of nasal – so that the quantity of photoreceptors in both areas would be the same.
What’s wrong with my thinking?”

Online Competitions (For all students of schools affiliated to CBSE): Common Wealth Games 2010

The official website of Delhi Tourism is www.delhitourism.gov.in and students can log on to the website for participating in various activities on it.
The activities given on the website are :
• Good Deed indeed (Good Deed done by children)
• To my favorite Sports Star (Wish and write messages)
• Dress up your home for CWG 2010 (take CWG festivities to the home and school)
• There is Something I want to change! (children give solutions to civic issues).


The Commonwealth in Education Programme for Delhi 2010

“Shera Mera Dost ”
My Friend Shera

It’s time for all children to come out and take part in CWG 2010!



How do I enrol myself for any of these?

You must register from your OWN School/College. The Principal (or Physics / Science teacher) of your College/ Jr. College / High School will enroll you.
He will give you all further instructions. In case you have any difficulty, refer to our website www.iapt.org.in. List of all NSE centers of last year (2009-2010) is available on this website. The name of contact person at the respective center, is also indicated. Enrolment is at the centers only. No  direct enrolment.

What are the fees?
Rs. 75/- per student per subject (per examination) to be paid to the center incharge. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO IAPT OFFICE. This exam fee cannot be refunded.

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