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How was your AISSCE CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam 2013?



How was the CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam today?


Central Board of Secondary Education


Was it easy or difficult?

Many students reported that the questions were unexpected and extra ordinarily tough. What was your experience?


Were there questions beyond your comprehension?


Were there questions out of Syllabus?


Post your responses Now!

Anju R  writes:

The Physics CBSE exam was tough.It was not beyond the syllabus but it was confusing and was asked in a twisted manner.Almost all the students who prepared for the exams didnot leave any derivations,laws etc.But the saddest part was that they asked the big derivation for just one mark and only very few were asked.And most questions were unexpected ones.
It was painful when I saw that after the exam almost all the students were crying.Sitting for a whole night for studying the derivations,laws etc.. gave nothing to us other than tears.We were happy after the English exam but the Physics exam gave a terror over us about Board Exams.I think 90 %  of the students could not complete saying that it was a lengthy paper.

The preliminary examination of the All India P...

During the exam I could see many sitting with great confusion while few others in a hurry to complete  it and the rest of them sitting sadly.By the grace of God I completed 5 minutes before the alloted time and didn’t leave any question.I hope CBSE will consider us.

Yours sincerely,






Class 12 physics question bank


Download an excellent collection of questions with answers for CBSE Class 12 Physics

Question Bank in Physics Class XII

The collection will also be helpful for students of other syllabuses.

Central Board of Secondary Education

The file consists of syllabus, key points, collection of very short Answer (1 mark), Short answer type question – solved (2 marks), short answers (3 marks), Long answers (5 marks), Solved numericals and 3 sample papers.

The contents are arranged chapter-wise. Any student will find this a boon for easy preparation and to score better marks in Physics.

Memorization Techniques


What do you do to memorize the lessons in your course? Or the chapter which is coming tomorrow in exam? You can’t just mug up the whole things but there are much smarter ways than just mugging up the whole thing. Below are given few techniques which can be used to memorize anything..

  • Associate the term that you need to remember with the common item that you are familiar with, this is called as the mnemonic technique. Studies have shown that the best mnemonics are the one with positive imagery or the one that involves humor so try memorizing with a rhyme or a song next time.
  • Attention and concentration are the major factors in increasing your memorizing power. Try to study in a place that is free from distractions such as the loud noise coming from television, music system or any other such diversions.
  • Always avoid last night single marathon session. Leaving everything for last night is a big NO. Many research have shown that students who study on regular basis remember far better than the one keep everything for the eleventh hour.
  • When studying an unfamiliar material try thinking how this thing relates to the things that you already know. By relating the new ideas with the pre-existing memories you can dramatically accelerate your speed of recalling the recently learnt information.
  • Visualizing the information that you study can prove to be helpful. Pay attention to the graphs, charts and the diagrams given in your textbooks. If they don’t have create your own it may prove to be very beneficial.
  • Reading what you want to learn aloud can also help you in picking up things quickly.
  • Teaching the concept that you have already learnt to your friend, partner, can actually get your firm grip on the concept with repeated teaching you enhance your understanding.
  • Try varying your daily routine of studying, try studying at some different spot other than your regular one or if you studied in the evening dedicate few minutes in the morning to memorize what you learnt last night.
  • A power nap after a study session can help a lot because the newly learnt information are very vulnerable a sleep can help them in grounding perfectly in your mind.
  • Pay extra attention to the difficult information like spending extra time in learning that thing or rehearsing that thing again and again so that you won’t forget that thing easily.
  • Writing whatever you have learnt may appear a little childish but jotting down whatever you have learnt is the oldest and the strongest way of remembering things.
  • A flashcard or flash card is the set of cards containing information written or printed over them either on one or on both the sides. The flashcards are used in classrooms or for private study.
    Flashcards may contain formulas, historical dates and events, vocabulary or any subject matter in Question and answer format with questions on one side of the card and the answer on the other. This helps students to remember the answer by reading the question first and trying to answer it on their own.
  • When you have to remember a list of words, using acronyms can be very helpful. Taking the first letter of each word and forming a word , or acronym by putting these first letters together. This can be very helpful when you try to mug up the periodic table or the Atomic numbers and masses of various elements .
    Good Luck

Ensurance of Performance in Physics – Physics Help


Ensurance of performance is what many a students need while joining any programme. At PhysicsFans, we would like to start a section dedicated to ensurance of performance of students is exam.

Bahasa Indonesia: SMA Trinitas, Ulangan Umum

The section will provide

  • Tips to perform well in exam
  • Guidelines on how to study, how to write exam well etc.
  • Questions bank arranged chapter-wise/ topic-wise
  • Collection of question papers from various boards
  • Topic wise arranged lecture notes, video lectures
  • … and more

What else do you need?

Please post your suggestions as reply to this post.

You can also contribute towards the development of this section by creating blogs and forum posts with the tag “ensurance

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