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How was your AISSCE CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam 2013?

  How was the CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam today?     Was it easy or difficult? Many students reported that the questions were unexpected and extra ordinarily tough. What was your experience?   Were there questions beyond your comprehension?   Were there questions out of Syllabus?   Post your responses Now! Anju R  writes: Hi, …

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Class 12 physics question bank

Download an excellent collection of questions with answers for CBSE Class 12 Physics Question Bank in Physics Class XII The collection will also be helpful for students of other syllabuses. The file consists of syllabus, key points, collection of very short Answer (1 mark), Short answer type question – solved (2 marks), short answers (3 marks), Long answers …

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Memorization Techniques

What do you do to memorize the lessons in your course? Or the chapter which is coming tomorrow in exam? You can’t just mug up the whole things but there are much smarter ways than just mugging up the whole thing. Below are given few techniques which can be used to memorize anything.. Associate the term that …

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Ensurance of Performance in Physics – Physics Help

Ensurance of performance is what many a students need while joining any programme. At PhysicsFans, we would like to start a section dedicated to ensurance of performance of students is exam. The section will provide Tips to perform well in exam Guidelines on how to study, how to write exam well etc. Questions bank arranged chapter-wise/ topic-wise …

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