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Why revise regularly?

It has become a practice among many students (compared to a few decades back) to read only what is taught the day and not what happened before.   Though it is a good practice to start with current topic, revising back to the beginning as much as possible is very much helpful in performing well …

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I don’t want to Pass Exam ! No one said ever …

Pass Exam with Flying Colors, Tips to Score Better in Physics and Pass Exam Everyone wants to pass exam – especially when it comes to Board Exams. Many enjoyed the entire year in company with friends from the class and outside. Now the exam fever is on and some are finding it difficult to get …

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CBSE Physics– important diagrams electromagnetic induction and AC

CBSE Physics Class XII Important diagrams from Electromagnetic Induction and AC can be downloaded here. The students should note that the diagrams are to be as per the text books and therefore we have taken care to follow the text book in preparing the files. The following diagrams are included in the file ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION Faraday’s …

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Learn the principles to score better in Physics practicals and viva

Hello! Dear students, CBSE Practical Exams started on 16th and will be completed by15 Feb. Do you know that Practical marks play an important part in giving you a decent percentage? In this competitive world each and every mark is important and will decide you future. So try your best to score the maximum in …

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How to get pass marks in Physics in days?

Some students asked me this. These were students who never passed in any of the Physics tests during the year when they were in class 12.   Now that the exams are near, they are eager to pass with least effort.   I consoled them, and said, “If you believe and promise to do what …

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