Faster than Light!

Mathew Abraham (A Physics Teacher in KVS) claims (on FaceBook) that faster than light communication and transfer of matter is possible and the fact will be revealed in near future.

See the transcript below.


I believe and maintain that “faster than light communication and transfer of matter is possible”. We have to find how?

  • Vishnu V Mohan Maybe communication.But wat abt matter?
  • Mathew Abraham It’s somewhat like a revelation to me, I hope that particles travelling faster than light would soon be discovered and that discovery would lead to interstellar travel in near future

    What do you think?


Indian Theoretical physicist Ashoke Sen wins world’s richest academic prize

Ashoke Sen, a string theorist at Allahabad’s Harish Chandra Research Institute, became a millionaire overnight as he is one of the nine winners of the first Yuri Milner Fundamental Physics Prize which at Rs 16.7 crore is the most lucrative academic prize in the world.

The prize, which is nearly three times that of the Nobel purse – which is frequently shared by two or three winners – has been instituted by Yuri Milner, a Russian student of physics who dropped out of graduate school in 1989 and later made billions as an investor in companies like Facebook.