More Than 350 LLM Students Denied Hall Tickets Due To Short Attendance

Mumbai University denied hall tickets to 350 LLM students. The university official said that the students were denied hall ticket because they were short on attendance. According to the rule, all students must have a minimum of 75% attendance in their academic session to get the ticket. Mr. Vilas Shinde, controller of examinations, Mumbai University, said, “We have sent the hall tickets of all students to the concerned department. It is up to the department head to distribute it to the students.” Most of the students are either assisting advocates or working with some law or other firms. A group of students visited to meet department head on this issue.

IGNOU Students Can Take Exam In Their Regional Languages

Students planning to enroll for Indira Gandhi University (IGNOU) can now write their exams in their regional languages. This is really a great step to give education a wider perspective. IGNOU Vice Chancellor, Professor VN Rajasekharna Pillai said, “The University has been working on a series of new path breaking ideas to meet the diverse and often daunting expectations of a large number of learners, who cannot afford to acquire education from a conventional university.” IGNOU has taken several other initiatives for the benefit of its students.

Proposal For Common Entrance Exam For Medical Courses

The Board of Governors of Medical Council of India (MCI) has put forward a proposal to conduct a common entrance test for medical courses from the next academic session. This common entrance test will cover both under-graduate and post graduate courses conducted by private and government medical colleges. The purpose of this initiative is to reduce the burden of students. President of the Board, Dr. S.K Sarin said, "A common entrance will reduce the hassles for students appearing for medical exams. At present, students have to give 10–15 different exams for medical courses, which can be highly stressful to both the student and his family. A common entrance exam will allow a student to give his best shot at one go."