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Exam – Running With the Hare and Hunting With the Hounds

Exam: Melbin Peter I have used this idiomatic expressions which means being in friendly terms with both parties in a quarrel as the title of my post purposefully. A quarrel ensues when two parties find it difficult to reach a rapprochement over an issue concerning them .But the dismaying fact is that certain issues have …

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Surprise your teachers with amazing score in Physics !

Do you want to bring a big surprise to your teachers, parents and friends by scoring amazing marks in Physics exam? Here are some tips! Have you been branded as a slow learner or a weak students in Physics so far? Do you fear of failure in Physics in the forthcoming examination? Is Physics a …

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How to get pass marks in Physics in days?

Some students asked me this. These were students who never passed in any of the Physics tests during the year when they were in class 12.   Now that the exams are near, they are eager to pass with least effort.   I consoled them, and said, “If you believe and promise to do what …

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How was your AISSCE CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam 2013?

  How was the CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam today?     Was it easy or difficult? Many students reported that the questions were unexpected and extra ordinarily tough. What was your experience?   Were there questions beyond your comprehension?   Were there questions out of Syllabus?   Post your responses Now! Anju R  writes: Hi, …

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Must Practice Questions for CBSE Physics CLASS 12: Solved

We will publish here the portions one cannot afford to miss while preparing for the CBSE class 12  Physics Examination The Chapters will be posted below. On Clicking the name of the chapter a new page will open. On that page there will be a set of collected questions. On clicking the questions, the complete …

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