Number Of International Students In US Colleges And Universities Is On A Rise

According to the Open Doors 2010 Survey published by the Institute of International Education (IIE), there has been a whopping rise of 30% in Chinese students in the United States while there has been just a 2% rise in Indians studying there. Thus, China has replaced India as the leading place of origin for international student population in the US. By far, the United States is the leading destination for study abroad students from India with nearly 105,000 Indian students enrolled in higher studies. It is followed by the UK, which hosts 36,000 Indian students; and Australia, which hosts about 21,000 Indian students.

Canadian Universities Woo Indian Students

Presidents of 15 Canadian universities are on a mission to impress Indian Students. Every year almost 150,000 students go abroad for higher education and out of them 3000 visit Canada for higher education. Foreign students are contributing a big chunk in the economy, so Canadian universities are looking for more students from India. The Canadian education mission will travel to Pune and Delhi for meetings with educational institutions, the private sector and administrators to discuss new possibilities and avenues of education.

London School of Economics Joins Tata International Social Entrepreneurship Scheme

The London School of Economics has joined hands with Tata International Social Entrepreneurship Scheme (ISES) this year to enable its students be part of the two-month distinctive corporate sustainability internship programme. The two-year old Tata ISES, which has affiliations with the University of California, Berkeley, USA, and the University of Cambridge, UK, will have 13 scholars for the summer internship this year. Out of these thirteen scholars, three are from London School of Economics, while six are from the University of Cambridge and four are from the University of California.

UK, New Zealand, Australia Losing Charm As Education Destinations

United States continue to receive the highest number of students from India, followed by Canada. According to the education experts, UK, New Zealand and Australia are slowly losing their popularity among students. US-based education specialist, Mr. Rahul Choudaha said, "This year, the US will consolidate its attractiveness for Indian students, especially for engineering-related master’s level and one-year interdisciplinary programmes. This is primarily because of the future career opportunities available in the US as compared to other destinations. Further, the option of working for 29 months for students from engineering-related fields and additional availability of 20,000 H1 visas for graduates from master’s and higher degrees will continue to make the US attractive."