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Questions asked in Physics Viva Voce for Class 12 Physics Practical

Double Folded Resistance coil

Q1. Why are the resistances used in a resistance box is like 1,2,2,5,10,20,20,50,100,200,200,500,1000,2000,2000,5000 etc? Ans: In this arrangement all natural numbers upto 10000 ohms (and above) can be realized. 1, 2, 2+1=3,2+2=4,5,5+1=6,5+2=7,5+2+1=8,5+2+2=9 etc Try it yourself to get all numbers from 1 to 10000 Q2. Why wire is double folded in resistance box? Ans: The …

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Just login! The site turns wonderful!

Hi! Do you find the site just monotonous and garby? Just login and see the difference! It just turns beautiful. Try now!!! Related articles How to use time productively for better results Deciding Whether Being Self-Employed Is Right For You Gear Ratios / Mechanics Ocean Energy Tips For Indian Students Planning To Study Abroad Education2home.com …

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Quick Revision for Class X Physics SA1

CHAPTER -12 ELECTRICITY GIST OF THE LESSON Positive and negative charges: The charge acquired by a glass rod when rubbed with silk is called positive charge and the charge acquired by an ebonite rod when rubbed with wool is called negative charge. Coulomb: It is the S.I. unit of charge. One coulomb is defined as that …

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Fiber optic communication

Fiber optic communication refers to the method of sending information from one place to another, with the help of pulses or a beam of light with the help of optical fibers. The light forms the electromagnetic carrier wave which carries the information. This concept of communicating has revolutionized the communication industry. Optical communication being more advantageous …

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A nationwide competition for aspiring entrepreneurs

  The Indian School of Business and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE-ISB Connect) have launched a nationwide competition named Biz Quest for start-ups. To be held from September 20 to 22 at the ISB Hyderabad campus, this initiative will also support aspiring entrepreneurs, early stage and growth stage entrepreneurs to showcase their business potential among venture …

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