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CBSE Physics– important diagrams electromagnetic induction and AC

CBSE Physics Class XII Important diagrams from Electromagnetic Induction and AC can be downloaded here. The students should note that the diagrams are to be as per the text books and therefore we have taken care to follow the text book in preparing the files. The following diagrams are included in the file ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION Faraday’s …

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There are a lot of circuit diagrams and other diagrams to be practised from the chapter current electricity. The essential diagrams are prepared in the following file for ready use. You may take a printout of the file for practice. When you draw the diagram, don’t draw freehand diagrams. Use geometrical instruments and pencil. The …

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Alternating Current and Direct Current

AC/DC (electricity) Electricity is the most widely used form on energy because it is most efficiently distributed and transported. Also it can be easily converted to other forms of energy like mechanical energy, heat energy etc. Also since it is one of the fastest forms of usable energy it is used in logic digital circuits …

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Working of Inductors

What is an inductor? An inductor is merely, a wire wound to form a coil. It is a passive two terminal device or electrical component which has the capability to store energy in magnetic field. Varying the current flowing in the inductor with time produces or induces a voltage in the coil in accordance with …

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Must Practice Questions for CBSE Physics CLASS 12: Solved

We will publish here the portions one cannot afford to miss while preparing for the CBSE class 12  Physics Examination The Chapters will be posted below. On Clicking the name of the chapter a new page will open. On that page there will be a set of collected questions. On clicking the questions, the complete …

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