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Biology Syllabus for AIPMT 2011

BIOLOGY (BOTANY AND ZOOLOGY) Unit : 1 Diversity in Living World Biology – its meaning and relevance to mankind What is living; Taxonomic categories and aids (Botanical gardens, herbaria, museums, zoological parks); Systematics and Binomial system of nomenclature. Introductory classification of living organisms (Two-kingdom system, Five-kingdom system); Major groups of each kingdom alongwith their salient …

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Chemistry Syllabus for AIPMT 2011

CHEMISTRY Unit : 1 Some basic concepts in Chemistry Importance of Chemistry, physical quantities and their measurement in Chemistry, SI Units, uncertainty in measurements and use of significant figures, Unit and dimensional analysis, Matter and its nature,laws of chemical combinations, atomic, and molecular, masses mole concept, molar masses, percentage composition and molecular formula, chemical stoichiometry. …

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AIPMT 2011 online registration started

Click here to download Information Bulletin Eligibility and Qualifications : He/She has completed age of 17 years at the time of admission or will complete the age on or before 31st December of the year of his/her admission to the 1st year MBBS/BDS Course and is an INDIAN NATIONAL. The upper age limit for All …

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