Surprise your teachers with amazing score in Physics !

Do you want to bring a big surprise to your teachers, parents and friends by scoring amazing marks in Physics exam?

Here are some tips!

Have you been branded as a slow learner or a weak students in Physics so far?

Do you fear of failure in Physics in the forthcoming examination?

Is Physics a nightmare to you?

Not any more !


Religiously follow these guidelines and you will be astonished by the results.

These are a set of instructions with proven track record


These are not intended for students who score more than 90%, but for those students who score less than 40%. This will help the students to score more than 60 – 80% depending on how much you are able to follow the directions.

Following the guidelines will help you prepare yourselves to score more with a few days of hard work!

If you are ready Go on … !



Determined to work hard to score more in Physics

mindchange91Determine… Say to yourself that,

”I will do it! I will score more than 90% in Physics. I am ready to do any level of hard work for achieving the amazing marks of my dreams. I can do it and I will!”

Repeat this 3 times (or more) with full confidence.The title of this tip – “I am a winner, Success follows me”, is magical. Tell this to yourself quite often.

TIP #2

Get all relevant materials and arrange them in order

Grab the syllabus

Collect all materials you have-like textbooks, guides, notebooks, lend outs etc.

Read the complete syllabus word by word. This will give you a holistic picture of what all are there to study. It may take a few minutes only.

Now arrange the materials chapter wise.

TIP #3

Divide and conquer

Normally any exam consists of long answer, short answer and very short answer type questions. Usually the long answer type can fetch you the major portion of the total score. Therefore it is better to begin with the long answer type questions. If you are following CBSE syllabus, then this link will be useful, which is a collection of all possible long answer type questions for CBSE Physics Class XII.

project-success-thinkstock-100410805-primary.idgeYou have to find answers to the long answer type questions and get the answers checked by your teacher or tutor. When you have done with all long answer type questions and then answers, you are ready to score 60% marks.

This you can do by dividing questions in 3 or 4 sections and can be finished in 6 or 7 days, if ready to spend time and work hard.

A practical approach for Class XII CBSE students is to divide the portions into

Part 1

  1. Electrostatics
  2. Current Electricity

Hard Work Ahead Yield Sign White BackgroundPart 2

  1. Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
  2. Electromagnetic induction and AC

Part 3

  1. Electromagnetic Waves
  2. Optics

Part 4

  1. Dual Nature of Matter
  2. Atomic nuclei

Part 5

  1. Semiconductor Devices
  2. Communication systems


Suppose you are starting on 1st February. Spending about 4 hours a day you can revise all the question as given at askphysics in 8-10 days even if you are doing it for the first time.

Just be determined and focussed!


Tip #4 Pick the Pictures

imageThere are a few diagrams in Physics textbook which form part of many answers frequently asked in board exams. Go through the text book and identify the important diagrams and take photocopy of those and make a file. Practice them so that you are able to draw them perfectly and independently. This can be done during your leisure time.

“We don’t want to lose a single second unattended”

Our aim is different, we have enjoyed a lot already, now is the time to study and prove your mettle. The effort put in during the days ahead will determine the future. A few days of hard work is going to change the course of life, the career you choose, the course and college where you get admission and what not?

So, keep everything else apart and concentrate on studies and do SMART work. Success is yours.

Tip#5 Rule the Rules

Write down all the laws, principles, hypotheses and definitions on papers and learn them by heart. It is OK to learn the laws and definitions by rot learning because most of the examiners want the exact statement as given in text.


You can make a separate set of papers for the laws and definitions and put in a file. Take the  sheets one by one, learn by heart and put them back.

Tip#6 Formula Race

Write all formulae used in text with explanation to the terms and symbols. Arrange the formula sheets chapter wise and practice/ revise often. You may even stick these formulae on wall or a board (if you have)

Name the files you prepare with a personal touch, like

“My formulae to success”

The word “My” is magical!

Just try and see the difference.

Tip#7 Every single mark counts

imageGet a collection of 1 mark questions and arrange them chapter wise along with the correct answers.This needs to be done only once. You can get a partial collection of one mark questions at askphysics and CBSE Physics

Tip#8 Revise Well

The entire collection and arrangement is to be done in a single day itself. This is actually giving you an orientation to your mind on the task ahead. Don’t waste any more day, not even a second . In just one day all the material should be ready.

We’re set to help you with

success-18715Collection of long answer type questions  (including 5 marks and 3 marks)

Collection of diagrams

Collection of Laws and definitions

Collection of 1 mark questions

and more


Revise the answers to all long answer type questions in 5 days as per the plan told earlier. Practise all diagrams, laws, principles and definitions in one day. Take another one day to practice all 1 mark questions and 2 marks questions.


Practice all the solved numericals from NCERT textbook. Solve all numerical problems in exercise from text book.

Now you are ready to score more than 75% marks in theory paper.

As you can see, , the entire work can be finished in 7 days.

Now take a test.

imageCBSE Physics Previous question papers from 2007 onwards are available at askphysics and CBSE Physics. Try to finish answering one of the board papers in 3 hours. Get it evaluated by your teacher. Understand the mistakes you committed and correct them.

Now download another set of question paper and write the answers to them correctly with the help of textbook and the marking scheme. (available at askphysics) After learning the answers, try to take the test with the same question paper to make sure that you can do well if the answers are known.

After this exercise you can start the second round of revision. Now try to finish the work in 4 days altogether and take another test and judge your improvement.

There are some questions intentionally intended for the brilliant students, the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) based ones. You can get a collection of HOTS questions arranged chapter wise from AskPhysics.  Try them! You too can develop higher order thinking skills.

Trust me ! you can score more than 80% with ease. Follow the directions given above.


Once again I would like to emphasize that these guidelines are given for improving a student from 40% to more than 60 % and not for a student already scoring 90s.

Please let me know whether these suggestions helped you through your comments.

Thanks for reading. Please visit again. Do not hesitate to ask your doubts if any at AskPhysics.


Wish you all the best!

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