Quick Revision for Class X Physics SA1

Short circuit: is caused by touching of live wires and neutral wire

Fuse: is a protective device used for protecting the circuits from short circuiting and over loading


Important diagrams-

  1. Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet.
  2. Right hand thumb rule
  3. Magnetic field lines through and around a current carrying solenoid.
  4. An electromagnet.
  5. A simple electric motor
  6. Electric generator


Important activities-

  1. Magnetic field lines around a bar magnet
  2. Direction of electric current in a simple electric circuit.
  3. Direction of Magnetic field lines depends on the direction of electric current.



  1. On what effect of an electric current does an electromagnet work?

A.  Magnetic effect of electric current

  1. What is the frequency of AC (Alternating Current) inIndia?
  2. 50 Hz
  3. On what effect of an electric current does a fuse work?

A.  Heating effect of electric current

  1. An Alternating Current has a frequency of 50 Hz.  How many times it changes direction in one second?

A.  Since Alternating Current changes its direction twicw in a cycle, it will change its direction 100 times (50×2) in one second as its frequency is 50Hz.

  1. What is short circuiting in an electric circuit?

A.  Short circuiting in an electric circuit is a situation in which the live wire touches the neutral wire.

  1. What kind of quantity is magnetic field?

A.  It is a vector quantity as it has both direction & magnitude.

  1. How is Solenoid different from a circular coil?

A.  Solenoid is different from a circular coil in the sense that the length of the solenoid is much greater than its diameter

  1. On what factor the strength of magnetic field of a solenoid depends?

A The strength of magnetic field of a solenoid is proportional to the number of turns of the coil and the magnitude of the current.

10.  What kind of motor is used in: (i) A fan  (ii)  A battery operated toy

A.  (i) A fan  has AC motor (ii)  A battery operated toy  has DC motor.


  1. Name the sources of direct current.
  2. Why don’t two magnetic lines intersect each other?
  3. What is the role of split ring in an electric motor?
  4. What is an earth wire?
  5. Why do we use power of two different current ratings at our homes?
  6. What would be the frequency of an Alternating Current, it its direction changes after every 0.01 second?
  7. Which of the two requires a thin fuse wire to draw: 5A or 15A of current?
  8. It is advised to keep magnets away form computers, T.V.  Give reason
  9. In a domestic circuit, MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) of one room trips again and again. What could be the reason for this?
  10. What is the application of a solenoid?
  11. What is the application of a solenoid?







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