Magnetic Effefts of Current and Magnetism : Physics Revision Test for Class XII

Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

Max. Marks :: 30 Time:: 75 minutes

1 mark questions

  1. State the Principle of a cyclotron
  2. Calculate the range of an ammeter of resistance 24 ohms and can allow a maximum current of 500mA through its coil, when shunted by a resistance of 3 ohms.
  3. Write the dimensional formula of μ0
  4. Define 1 ampere as defined in SI (based on force between two straight parallel conductors of infinite length)
  5. State Fleming’s left hand rule.
  6. State the principle of a moving coil galvanometer
  7. Why a cyclotron cannot be used to accelerate electrons.
  8. Write the resistance of (a) an ideal ammeter (b) an ideal voltmeter.

    2 Marks Questions

  9. Derive an expression for cyclotron frequency.
  10. Write the difference between paramagnetism and ferromagnetism
  11. State the factors affecting the strength of an electromagnet.
  12. Calculate the magnetic moment of the electron in the ground state of hydrogen atom.

    3 marks questions

  13. State Ampere’s circuital law and apply it to find the magnetic field inside a torroid.
  14. Discuss the equivalence of a bar magnet and a current carrying solenoid.
  15. What are the magnetic elements of earth. Define each.

    5 Marks Questions

  16. State Biot Savart law and apply it to find the magnetic field at a point on the axis of a circular loop carrying current.

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