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  1. State Biot Savart law and apply it to find the magnetic field due to a circular loop carrying current at a point (a) at its centre (b) on the axis
  2. State Ampere's circuital law and apply it to find the magnetic field (a) inside a current carrying solenoid (b) inside a current carrying toroid
  3. Apply Ampere's circuital law to determine the magnetic field at a point due to a long straight current carrying conductor.
  4. Deriva an expression for the force on a current carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field
  5. Derive an expression for the force between long straight conductors carrying current and hence define 1 ampere.
  6. Derive an expression for the torque on a current carrying loop in a uniform magnetic field.
  7. Describe the principle construction and working of a Moving coil galvanometer.
  8. Describe the conversion of a moving coil galvano meter into (a) Ammeter (b) Voltmeter
  9. What is radial magnetic field? What is its importance in a moving coil galvanometer? How is a radial magnetic field realized in a moving coil galvanaometer?
  10. Describe the principle consttruction and working of a cyclotron. Explain why an electron cannot be accelerated using a cyclotron.
  11. Describe the motion of a charged particle in a magnetic field when it enters the field (a) perpendicular to the field lines (b) obliquely making and angle Θ with the field lines
  12. Derive an expression for the magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron and hence define Bohr magneton.

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