How was your AISSCE CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam 2013?


How was the CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam today?


Central Board of Secondary Education


Was it easy or difficult?

Many students reported that the questions were unexpected and extra ordinarily tough. What was your experience?


Were there questions beyond your comprehension?


Were there questions out of Syllabus?


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Anju R  writes:

The Physics CBSE exam was tough.It was not beyond the syllabus but it was confusing and was asked in a twisted manner.Almost all the students who prepared for the exams didnot leave any derivations,laws etc.But the saddest part was that they asked the big derivation for just one mark and only very few were asked.And most questions were unexpected ones.
It was painful when I saw that after the exam almost all the students were crying.Sitting for a whole night for studying the derivations,laws etc.. gave nothing to us other than tears.We were happy after the English exam but the Physics exam gave a terror over us about Board Exams.I think 90 %  of the students could not complete saying that it was a lengthy paper.

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During the exam I could see many sitting with great confusion while few others in a hurry to complete  it and the rest of them sitting sadly.By the grace of God I completed 5 minutes before the alloted time and didn’t leave any question.I hope CBSE will consider us.

Yours sincerely,






9 thoughts on “How was your AISSCE CBSE Class 12 Physics Exam 2013?”

  1. Todays Physics paper was really tough for our children . CBSE is making the paper tougher and tougher every year . some of the questions were very tough for the students aiming higher marks. Not all of the students are going for IIT. I being a teacher in physics teaching for the past 15 years foud this paper that much tough then what will be the plight of the students. Only physics is made tough but rest of the papers are not like that why ? Not a single question from NCERT was there then why it is recommended to follow NCERT text book. Hope CBSE will do the correction liberally .

    Birla Bublic School
    Doha – Doha

  2. No offence teacher , but i would say that if the students had real understanding of the topics and logic , the exam would have been tolerable ( i am not saying it was so easy )and there were so many questions from ncert examples …

    1. I had chance to talk to many students after the exam and the paper was disappointing. CBSE didn’t consider their own guidelines with respect to marking and pattern of questions. It was a test for students moral and doesn’t match with the expectations of HRD.
      CBSE should consider providing feedback to students and teachers on their thinking behind such a paper and consider ways to rectify it. Other wise drop idea of following NCERT books and leave students on mercy of so called jenious paper makers.
      All the best my dear students, god bless you all.

  3. Hi,the 2013 physics paper was tough.The students started their prep work well before January but the outcome was very depressing.Students referred to all the previous year question papers and the school notes thoroughly (along with the text book).But the derivations that came for the exam was very few and of very less number.Their were two derivations that puzzled the students (3 marks each).The reading time was spent in despair.I dont mean to be melodramatic but as a student who wanted to do his best and gain an excellent score,the physics exam was discouraging.I do not wish for the 2014 batch to experience this.
    Indian School Muscat – Oman

  4. 2013 Physics board exam was tough.The syllabus was followed but the questions were confusing and misleading.Derivations that came were few and also completely different from the one’s we learned for the exam.The hours and energy we spent in learning all the derivations were futile.But knowledge is never too little hence i cannot complain.But i would like to say that compared to the recent years this year’s paper was the toughest.The paper was lengthy.The results of this paper will affect my entire percentage.I had to see many faces disappointed and dejected just like mine at the time.Hopefully the authorities will help us somehow.Indian School – Oman

  5. Why all the time the physics question paper only tough? Every year the Chemistry question paper is too easy. How is it possible? Whether the CBSE is aware of this one or not. Whether the Physics faculty is preparing the paper with more difficulty level? If so please consider the student level and prepare the paper just as Chemistry board paper. JNV-pondicherry

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