· Define the term growth of population

Growth of population is the change in the number of people living in a particular area between two points of time OR

It refers to the change in number of inhabitants of a territory during a specific period of time

(T.B.I, Page 10 )

· Which age group of population indicates the largest working population

Age group of largest working population is 15- 59 years. (T.B.I, Page 18 )

· Name the two activities on which the earliest human beings depended for their sustenance

Two activities of earliest human being – (i) hunting and (ii) gathering (T.B. 1 Page 31 )

· Classify industries into two groups on the basis of metallic minerals

Industry based on metallic minerals

(i) Ferrous (ii) Non-ferrous (T.B.I, Page 48 )

· Which is the famous petroleum pipeline of USA

Pipeline of USA – “Big inch”

· Name the international organisation dealing with the global rules of trade between nations

International organization for global rules of Trade- World Trade Organization or WTO (T.B. I Page 86 )

· What is the meaning of rural settlement

Rural settlement – most closely and directly related to land / based on primary economic activities. (T.B II Page 32 )

· Name the river valley where Gondwana coal fields of India are located

Gondwana coalfields – Damodar Valley (T.B II, Page 78 )

· Name the biggest seaport of India

The biggest seaport of India : Mumbai.( T.B II, Page 131)

· Which are the two polluted stretches of river Ganga in Uttarpradesh and Bihar

Two polluted stretches of river Ganga.

in U.P. – Kanpur to Varanasi

in Bihar – Varanasi to Patna


in UP – downstream of Kanpur.

in Bihar – downstream of Varanasi (T.B. II Page 136 )

· What is the new concept of Griffith Taylor in the field of human geography? describe this new concept with examples

New concept of Griffith Taylor in the field of Human Geography:

Neo determinism or stop and go determinism.

1. Neither is there a situation of absolute necessity nor is there a condition of absolute freedom.

2. Human beings can conquer nature by obeying it.

3. Possibilities can be created within the limits which do not damage environment.

4. Attempts to bring about a balance between environmental determinism and possibilism.

5. Example of traffic lights – red, amber (orange) green – (T.B. I Page 4 )

· Explain the three main areas of measuring human development

Areas of measuring human development :

1. Health

2. Education

3. Access To Resources. [T.B. I Page 26]

· On the basis of ownership classify industries of the world into three groups. Explain the main feature of each group

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