How was CBSE Science Exam for Class X?

The preliminary examination of the All India P...

CBSE Science exam was today (20 March 2012).

How was the exam?

Many students reported that the exam was quite easy and could easily score 90% and above.

How was the Science exam for you?

Were there any errors in the question paper?

Were there any question out of syllabus?

Were the diagrams and other questions the expected ones?

Were there any questions beyond comprehension?

Respond now….

You can post the difficult and confusing questions as comments to this post and we’ll discuss the solutions

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is all physics which we had studied in class 11 and 12 are correct?

Is all physics which we had studied in class 11 and 12 are correct or … ?


I would like to quote just one thing, “Science tells the first word of everything and the last word of nothing”

What we learnt yesterday might have changed today and may change in future. We have to adapt ourselves to the new findings, discoveries and inventions.

Further, What we learn in class XI and XII is up to that level and we when we go to higher levels, we learn things more deeply and many things will be dealt differently.