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I don’t want to Pass Exam ! No one said ever …


pass examEveryone wants to pass exam – especially when it comes to Board Exams. Many enjoyed the entire year in company with friends from the class and outside. Now the exam fever is on and some are finding it difficult to get pass marks and Physics is the one subject many find it difficult to mug up in a hurry. So, here we have come up with a sure shot method to succeed. If you are ready to work hard, you can score more than 50% marks with the method we suggest. But you should strictly follow the schedule.


Step #1

Make a strong determination and say aloud “I will Pass Exam”

Your decision and determination will work more than anyone else’s. The first step towards to success is to believe that you can do it and be ready to work for it irrespective of the hardships and troubles you may face during the course. Put a reminder at a visible place so that you’re always reminded of your decision to pass exam. Go to next page

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Surprise your teachers with amazing score in Physics !


Do you want to bring a big surprise to your teachers, parents and friends by scoring amazing marks in Physics exam?

Here are some tips!

Have you been branded as a slow learner or a weak students in Physics so far?

Do you fear of failure in Physics in the forthcoming examination?

Is Physics a nightmare to you?

Not any more !


Religiously follow these guidelines and you will be astonished by the results.

These are a set of instructions with proven track record


These are not intended for students who score more than 90%, but for those students who score less than 40%. This will help the students to score more than 60 – 80% depending on how much you are able to follow the directions.

Following the guidelines will help you prepare yourselves to score more with a few days of hard work!

If you are ready Go on … !


Community Colleges-A Good Option in Education


While the fight is on for admissions into some of the best colleges, there are some youngsters who are opting for community colleges. Community colleges are a new concept which is liked by lot of people in India. A community college primarily offers vocational education, diploma and certificate level courses. The first community college in India was founded as recently as 1995, in Pondicherry. In nearly three years, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has over two lakh students in about 600 community colleges across the Indian sub-continent.

No MBBS Entrance Exam For Students In Tamil Nadu


The Tamil Nadu Government said there would be no entrance exams for MBBS in the state for 2011-12. Students will be considered only on the basis of the marks obtained by them at 10+2 level. Previously, Supreme Court had given its approval to the Medical Council of India (MCI) to conduct Common Entrance Examination for admission to MBBS across the country. However, state government challenged Madras High Court MCI notification which was willing to make all entrance test compulsory for admission to MBBS and got a stay on January 6 this year.

Download Social Science Study materials for Class X CBSE


CBSE Class X Social Science Study materials.

Social Science for Class X

1. Who followed the policy of Golden Mean?a. Matternich b. Mazzini  c. Louis Philippe d. Duke of Orleans

2. Napoleonic Code was introduced in the year ofa.1809 b.1807b.1805 d.1804

3. What was Helairia Philike ?a. A Secret Society b. A Political Partyc. A custom Union d. An  Allegori

4. Who founded the revolutionary militia ‗Red Shirt‘?a. Wilson b. Tsar Alexander IIc. Garibaldi d. Matternich

5. Who was Frederick Sorrieu?a. A Revolutionary b. Chancellor of Austriac. King of Frame d. French Artist

6. Vienna Congress was convened in 1815 for what purpose?a. To declare completion of German Unification.b. To restore conservative regime in Europe.c. To declare war against France.d. To start the process of Italian unification.

7. Which year was known as the year of dear bread?a. 1830 b. 1848 c. 1789 d. 1815

8. Name the state which led the process of Italian unification?a. Rome b. Prussiac. Sardinia Piedmont d. Vienna

9. Who said Cavour, Mazzini, Garibaldi: three her brain, her soul, her sword ?a. Victor Emmannual b. George Meredithc. Louis XVIII d. Guizot

10. Zollverein was aa. Diplomatic institution b. Custom unionc. Administrative union d. Trade union

11. Who followed the policy of Blood and Iron for national unification?a. Garibaldi b. Otto Von Bismarkc. Mazzini d. Matternich

12. United Kingdom of Great Britain came into existence in the year -a. 1789 b. 17984 | P a g ec. 1707 d. 1801

13. Who said that, Italy was merely a geographical expression?a. Cavour b. Napoleonc. Matternich d. Guizot

14. Which one was not included in the Balkan Region?a. Croatia b. Bosnia Harzegovinac. Serbia d. Spain

15. In which century nationalism emerged in Europea. 16thcentury b. 20thcenturyc. 19thcentury d. 17thcentury

16. Who was the king of France at the time of French Revolution?a. Marie Antoniate b.  Louis XVIc. Czar   Nicolas d.  Edward  II



1. c

2. d

3. a

4. c

5.  d

6. b

7. b

8. c

9. b


11. b

12. c

13. c

14.  d

15.  c

16. b

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