Authentic Websites for Overseas Education

Are you looking forward to study in a foreign University?

The following websites will be helpful for you.

  • English Language (IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System). Many countries want your IELTS gradeto asses your standard in the usage of English Language. The test is used to assess your proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in English Language. The details of the test are available at the above site.

  • IELTS break time (TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language). This is also a testing system to assess your proficiency in English.

  • : Helps you prepare for GMAT – Graduate Management Aptitude Test through Model Exams online
  • (GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination). GRE score is essential for applying for Masters degree or PhD from American Universities. The test is a Multi Choice Computer Adaptive one

CBSE Class XI Results show sharp decline since the introduction of CCE

Students, 2009 batch, at Class, Parisutham Ins...

The results of Class XI is shamefully low since the introduction of CCE in classes up to class X. The CCE ensures pass of every student. It is further emphasized that the student should get admission in the same school. This criteria make the students less responsible and they get good percentage in class X without much knowledge expected of that level.

The students mainly get good grades in formative assessments in which most of the activities are performed in groups. Almost all students of the group are getting almost identical marks and grades. So, even a weak student gets good grades because he is part of the group. These grades scored by him ensures his admission to science group in class XI. Only when the result of Class XI comes he realizes that he is not fit for the science group (or any other group he has chosen).

The teachers of class XI are more worried where the administration wants 100% result out of these students with little aptitude towards the subject. It is high time that the system be reviewed and ensure that only students with aptitude towards science steam come in Science group as well as other streams.

You responses in this regard are welcome. All students and teachers as well as parents are requested to take part in this discussion. Post your views and responses as comments to this post.



There has been wide complaint among teachers of higher secondary section that the standard of students reaching class XI has declined after the introduction of CCE. Students who do not have real aptitude and interest get admission to science stream because of their high grades which they do not really deserve. The system of education upto class X and that of class XI are widely different. The students find it extremely difficult to cope up with the level and standard of class XI science.

Many feel frustrated when they find out that they have reached the wrong place. They wonder what to do next. Many of them even get ready to lose one year for the right stream for which they are really fit.

Now CBSE has also started receiving the feedback from various sources and they are now taking data and analyzing what has gone wrong.

Do you find CCE wrong?

Is it necessary to replace it with the old system?

OR can it be modified and implemented effectively without harming the future of students?

What is your response on CCE? Post them as comments to this post and let the higher authorities read it.

75% Students Applied For IIT JEE 2012 Online In The Bombay Zone

For the first time since IIT JEE has gone outline, 75% of the 75,000 applicants in the Bombay zone have applied online. The Bombay zone includes Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, parts of Rajasthan and Belgaum in Karnataka. This year, IIT Delhi is organizing IIT JEE which will be held on April 12, 2012.

CTET–How to prepare?

Centre Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is ahead and it’s a common question asked by many – How to prepare for it?

Here are some suggestions to score well in CTET

  • Revise your notes on Education, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology, Educational Sociology, History of education, Philosophy of Education
  • Read newspaper regularly with focus on educational issues.
  • Be thorough the NCF (National curriculum framework) and read all the policy papers.
  • Visit NCERT website & and many of the policy papers are available for download.
  • Refresh your general knowledge, elementary mathematics and popular science.
  • Read the science textbooks of 8,9 and 10 and in case if you have any doubts on these please ask at


Have confidence, prepare well and perform well, success will be yours

Why keeping a clean image on FaceBook is important?

Get admission for MBA through Facebook
Various MBA admission offices are visiting the facebook accounts of students to know more about them. Such admission offices discovered several things which negatively impacted the student candidacy. As many of the users don’t use privacy settings in Facebook, it may influence their academic as well as career pursuits.

Fake Business schools mushrooming in Delhi: AICTE

Fake business schools are mushrooming in Delhi which has been confirmed by AICTE. The capital has received a distinction in playing host to the largest number of illegal educational institutes in the country. AICTE has proved that as many as 75 institutes in Delhi are enrolling students under technical programmes without its approval.

AICTE and UGC keeping an eagle eye on Fake Educational Institutions

Stringent policies have been made by Government for fake educational institutions. AICTE and UGC are keeping an eagle eye on Fake Educational Institutions and the other unapproved institutions. Recently, UGC has identified 21 fake universities/institutions and AICTE had found 348 fake institutions in various parts of the country.

New Fee structure for IITs

Council of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has decided to hike the IIT fees by 400 percent. It will come into action from 2013 and it is for students who are not from economically and socially backward classes. But students will have to pay the extra fees once they get employed. At present, for Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech) course, students pay Rs. 50,000 annually and IIT Council has presented an agreement to increase the fees to Rs2 lakh per annum from 2013.