CBSE Physics

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  • Make a quick revision of previous day’s topics

A revision within 24 hours greatly helps you to retain the knowledge you have gained.


  1. Biot’s Sawart’s law and application to find
    1. Magnetic Field at a point on the axis of a current carrying circular loop
    2. Magnetic Field at the centre of a circular loop carrying current
  2. State Ampere’s Circuital law and its application to find the magnetic field at a point due to an infinitely long straight current carrying conductor.
  3. Magnetic field inside a current carrying solenoid using Ampere’s circuital law
  4.  Magnetic field inside a current carrying toroid using Ampere’s circuital law
  5. Principle construction and working of a toroid. (Practice the diagram as per NCERT Text Book)
  6. Force on a current carrying conductor in a uniform magnetic field.
  7. Force between two long straight parallel conductors of infinite length and definition of one ampere.
  8. Torque on a current carrying rectangular loop in a uniform magnetic field
  9. Principle construction and working of a Moving Coil Galvanometer.
  10. Radial Magnetic Field, how is it achieved and the importance of radial magnetic field in Moving coil Galvanometer.
  11. Conversion of galvanometer into (a) voltmeter and (b) ammeter.
  12. Para, Dia and Ferromagnetic substances and their properties
  13. Elements of earth’s magnetic field
  14. Derive expression for Magnetic field at a point due to a short magnetic dipole. (Axial position and equatorial position)
  15. Magnetic intensity, Magnetisation, Hysterisis loop, retentivity, coercivity


  1. Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction
  2. State Lenz’s Law and show that it is in accordance with the law of conservation of energy.
  3. Eddy current and its applications.
  4. Self induction and self inductance. Define 1 henry
  5. Mutual induction and mutual inductance. Define one henry.
  6. Construction, Principle and working of transformer. Explain the various losses in a transformer and how can each be minimised.
  7. Mean value of ac
  8. RMS value of ac
  9. AC circuit containing L only
  10. AC circuit containing C only
  11. AC circuit containing R only
  12. LCR seies circuit (Expression for impedance)
  13. Resonance in LCR series circuit, expression for resonant frequency, graph showing variation of current with frequency of AC, Q factor Go to Next Page

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