Communication Systems : Physics Revision Test for Class XII CBSE


Max. Marks :: 30 Time:: 75 minutes

1 mark questions

  1. Define bandwidth of a signal.
  2. Define modulation index.
  3. What is the function of a modem?
  4. Why is short wave band used for long distance transmission?
  5. Name the type of modulation prefered for digital communication.
  6. Draw diagram to represent a digital signal and an analogue signal.
  7. What do you mean by sampling of signal?
  8. Name the appropriate communication channel needed to send a signal of band width 100 kHz over a distance of 8 km.2 Marks Questions
  9. Derive an expression for the maximum distance up to which TV signals can be transmitted using a transmitting antenna of height h.
  10. Distinguish amplitude modulation and amplitude modulation.
  11. Draw a block diagram of a simple amplitude modulation system and explain briefly how amplitude modulation is achieved.
  12. What is the need for modulating a message signal for long distance transmission?3 marks questions
  13. 5 Marks Questions

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