COMMUNICATION (5 marks & 3 marks)


The answers are under preparation. Link to answers will be made available as soon as we finalize the answers.

  1. Derive an expression for the range of transmission via space wave from a transmitting antenna of height h.
  2. Describe radio wave propagation via (a) Groundwave (b) Space Wave and (c) Sky Wave.
  3. What is the need for satellite communication? Elaborate.
  4. Explain the need for modulation for long distance transmission.
  5. Define amplitude modulation and illustrate it using diagrams (graphs)
  6. Define modulation index and write its expression.
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of FM over AM?
  8. Explain the role of repeater in communication
  9. Describe the mechanism of demodulation (detection) of AM Wave using block diagram, circuit diagram and graphical representation
  10. What is LOS communication?
  11. What are the basic elements of a communication system? Explain the function of each.
  12. Draw the block diagram of a communication system

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