Class XI CBSE Chemistry Model Paper


a) Derive the relationship between Ka and α of a weak c molor acid HX. 3

b) Calculate the pH of 0.01 M KOH assuming complete dissociation. 2

30. a) Why wurtz reaction is not considered to be a suitable method for preparing

alkanes with odd no. carbon atoms ?

b) Explain the eclipsed and staggered conformation of ethane by Newman’s projection formula. 1


c) Complete the reaction : 1

CH3 – CH2 – CH = CH2 + HBr à


a) Explain the term β – elimination with an example. 2

b) Draw the Geometrical isomers of but – 2 – ene and explain which one would be polar. 2

c) Complete the reaction :

clip_image008 OH


+ Zn