Problems of CCE – a debate

What problems do you face in implementing CCE?

CCE Stands for Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.

Many complain that there are various problems in proper implementation of CCE.

Let’s discuss and find problems and the possible remedies.

Teachers, students, educational administrators and parents are requested to participate and post their opinions, details of the problems and possible remedies.

A few problems identified are posted below.

  • Lack of time: The teachers get around 35 to 409 minutes for a class and it is insufficient to meet the requirements of CCE
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Student Pupil ratio


You can add more. Post your ideas and suggestions as comments to this post

CCE is more burden than earlier evaluation system

The newly introduced Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) by CBSE is more burburden for teachers as well as students. Instead of decreasing the load, it has increased it. The teachers are under more tension than the students, as they have to maintain more records and every time on full alert, monitoring, mentoring and all. Most of the evaluation taking place in most of the schools are unplanned or in some cases they do not take place at all.

The evidences of evaluation are often  “cooked” as and when required during school inspection or cross checking by CBSE. CBSE has highly formalised the formative evaluation and it is in practice defeating the purpose. The already overburdened teachers are further burdened by these. When it comes to supervision, the teachers are compelled to tell lies or produce false evidences and forged documents.

Why this injustice? What was wrong with the earlier system? NCF quotes that the earlier system was too much bookish and lacked a comprehensive approach.


But, why to overhaul the already existing system which has produced so many successful personalities some of whom have formulated the new system too.

Further, the teachers handling current class 11 are complaining that the stuff is extremely difficult to handle. The stuff means the students who passes with high grades in current system of evaluation in class X. They don’t care what the teacher says, whether it be revising regularly, maintaining records or completing an assigned task in time.

As the students have not undergone a system of regular serious study under the shadow of CCE, the lack the fundamentals and still expect that it will be an easy cake walk and that they can score high marks without studying anything.

It is clear that the current CCE and its implementation has to be revised. Let the academic side be given prime importance and let the assignments and projects continue to be a part of the evaluation and be counted for promotion as was the case in Kendriya Vidyalayas.

The term Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and the rigidity imposed by CBSE in the time frame and assessment plans and all defeats the purpose in most of the cases.

Opinions and further suggestions are invited from all.

CCE looks fantastic when looked from out side or in theory, but in practice, it flopped.

What do you think? Post your reactions and reflections as comments to this post.




Points to remember:

  • A body is said to be at rest if it does not change its position with respect to its surroundings
  • A body is said to be in motion i i changes its position with respect to surroundings
  • we can perceive the motion of certain bodies directly such as a cycle moving on road.
  • we can perceive the motion of certain other objects by indirect evidences.Motion of air can be observed from movement of dust particles and the branches of trees.
  • rest and motion are relative terms.a body appearing to be at rest to one person may appear to be in motion of another person
  • Speed is the ratio of distance covered to the time taken.speed is scalar quantity
  • Speed is never negative and is zero when the body is at rest
  • Velocity is the rate of change of displacement with time.It is a vector quantity
  • Velocity may be zero,negative or positive even when tho body is moving. Its S I unit is m s -1
  • Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity of a body.Acceleration is a vector quantity. Its  S I unit is m s -2.
  • Motion . A body is said to be in motion  if it changes it position with respect to surroundings
  • Uniform motion. Motion is said to be uniform if body covers equal distance in equal intervals of time however small these intervals may be.
  • Non uniform motion.Motion is said to be nonuniform if the body covers unequal distances in equal intervals of time.
  • Distance covered by body is the actual length of path covered by the body. It is measured in metre (in SI). Its CGS unit is centimetre (cm). Distance can never be negative. It is a scalar quantity.
  • Displacement is the distance covered by a body in certain direction from starting point to final point. Displacement is a vector quantity and may be positive, negative or zero.
  • Speed is the ratio of distance covered to the time taken