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Ensurance of Performance in Physics – Physics Help

Ensurance of performance is what many a students need while joining any programme. At PhysicsFans, we would like to start a section dedicated to ensurance of performance of students is exam.

Bahasa Indonesia: SMA Trinitas, Ulangan Umum

The section will provide

  • Tips to perform well in exam
  • Guidelines on how to study, how to write exam well etc.
  • Questions bank arranged chapter-wise/ topic-wise
  • Collection of question papers from various boards
  • Topic wise arranged lecture notes, video lectures
  • … and more

What else do you need?

Please post your suggestions as reply to this post.

You can also contribute towards the development of this section by creating blogs and forum posts with the tag “ensurance

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Hi Physics Fans!

We have enabled blogging by every member. Have an idea? You’re welcome to post’em here!

The posts will be published after scrutiny by admins. We prefer Science related articles, preferably Physics.

You can write on:

  • Latest news, events and happenings in the scientific world.
  • Promotional blogs on websites, institutions or persons
  • Create forums, Forum Topics and replies
  • … and anything else if it is related to the promotion of Physics!

What’s New?!


Hello PhysicsFans!


Let us explain what are the new developments at PhysicsFans.com.

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Now we have changed the platform from Drupal to WordPress – as we thought that content is more important than the structure and other extensive capabilities offered by the Drupal system.

We are now in the process of tweaking the wordpress system to provide all the features and facilities (and some thing more!) we provided earlier with the drupal system.

How to use PhysicsFans.com now?

The first step is to join the site. When you register and then log in to the system, your account will be upgraded to contributor so that you can add blogs and participate on forums. You can post blogs, forum topics and replied to forum posts, but your posts and replies will appear on the site only after ADMIN approves your posts and Replies.

Please suggest more additions and desired features here. We are waiting to hear from you!