To succeed in Life you may not need limbs – Get motivated now !

See this video and change your mind. If you do not succeed, you alone are responsible.


Nicholas James is a motivational speaker from Australia. Born with phocomelia, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of legs and arms. As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability. He presents motivational speeches worldwide which focus on living with disabilities and finding hope and meaning in life.

Vujicic asked his parents when he was aged 13 about his birth. Several days before he was born, there was no notification from a doctor or nurse that something was wrong. However, when he was born his mother asked a nurse how the baby was and there was a silence among the nurses. When his mother persisted and asked a doctor what had happened with the baby, he said “phocomelia”. As his mother worked as a paediatric nurse in charge of a delivery room, she immediately knew what the medical term meant. At first, she refused to see him or hold him when the nurse had him in front of her, but she and her husband tried to accept it and tried to understand God’s plan for their son through a strong faith in God

Even though his mother gave him a cushion to support himself, he overcame and taught himself how to stand up with a method by leaning his forehead over the wall and slowly standing up. Originally, he was born with combined two toes, so he could use them for rolling over, shoving and bracing himself. Because of this, his parents and doctor decided to have an operation to separate his toes so that he could use them as fingers to grab, turn pages and other functions. Even though the operation did not go as well as the doctor wanted, he tried to adapt using these freed toes and with the help of an electronic wheelchair, computer and mobile phone became more free.

After his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with a severe disability when he was seventeen, he started to give talks at his prayer group and later founded his non-profit organisation, Life Without Limbs.

He concludes that his childhood was an “amazingly normal childhood” and he advises readers to not give up, to change their circumstances if needed and to stop their concerns about whether their luck will be better and run after any desire.

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Previous question papers

Message from Shubham: Hi I want to download physics chemistry & maths pre-year question papers. please help me.

Previous board question papers since year 2008 available at

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CBSE Physics– important diagrams electromagnetic induction and AC

CBSE Physics Class XII Important diagrams from Electromagnetic Induction and AC can be downloaded here.

The students should note that the diagrams are to be as per the text books and therefore we have taken care to follow the text book in preparing the files.

The following diagrams are included in the file


  • teacher in class.jpg Faraday’s Experiment on Electro Magnetic Induction
  • Illustration of Lenz’s law
  • Motional emf
  • Eddy current
  • Mutual inductance of two solenoids
  • AC generator



  • AC circuit with R only
  • AC circuit with L only
  • AC circuit with C only
  • LCR AC series circuit
  • Impedence diagram
  • LC oscillations
  • Resonance in LCR series circuit
  • Transformer


ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION  — Important diagrams from emi

ALTERNATING CURRENT — important diagrams from ac


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magnetic effect photo-2Download the collection of diagrams from the chapter Magnetic Effects of current from the link below. Cyclotron and Moving Coil Galvanometer seems to the most important topics here. Conversion of galvanometer to ammeter and voltmeter is also to be given due weightage. Remember, the importance of a radial magnetic field in MCG (Moving Coil Galvanometer) is a frequently asked question in CBSE.


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There are a lot of circuit diagrams and other diagrams to be practised from the chapter current electricity. The essential diagrams are prepared in the following file for ready use. You may take a printout of the file for practice.

When you draw the diagram, don’t draw freehand diagrams. Use geometrical instruments and pencil. The diagram should be neat and perfect. At the same time, you should not be consuming lot of time in perfecting the diagrams at the cost of answers to other questions.

In order to draw diagrams perfectly consuming very less time, it is necessary to practise all the diagrams well in advance. the file given below is a collection of all diagrams from the chapter current electricity as per the NCERT textbook.

Download current electricity diagrams here



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CBSE Sample Paper & Marking Scheme for Class Xii Physics 2016 – Free Download

Girl solving CBSE sample paper

CBSE published sample question papers for all subject for the year 2012. You can download the CBSE  Sample paper in Physics and the marking scheme for class Xii 2016 here.

Why Practice CBSE Sample Papers and Marking Scheme?

Practising the sample question paper and the Marking Scheme will give you an idea of the type of questions  in the Board Examination 2016. It also gives an insight into “How the value points are allotted marks?” . This helps you to plan well for the exam and get maximum marks by limiting the extend of the answer and get maximum marks and save time.CBSE sample paper


The Sample Question Papers submitted by CBSE officially is considered very important. CBSE use to publish a set of sample papers every year which essentially reminds every student the level of preparation expected from each. It was a common practice in every school to grab copies of the sample papers published by CBSE and every teacher used to make sure that all the students compulsorily solve all the questions of the CBSE Sample Papers. Without the CBSE sample papers and previous question papers, many students simply learn by rot a few questions and answers exhibiting a dismal performance in the Board Exam. We don’t you to be a poor performer. Keep it a point that you practise all the questions from the CBSE sample paper.

So, what to do to Download CBSE Sample Paper!

Just download  and practice the sample question paper from the link below and make sure to consult whether your answers conform to the answers expected.

Girl solving CBSE sample paper

Girl solving CBSE sample paper

Download CBSE Sample Paper Now!

CBSE Sample Question Paper -Physics 2016 SQP

Don’t forget to download the Marking Scheme for the sample question paper above!

CBSE Sample Question Paper -Physics 2016 Marking Scheme

Do not forget to download the previous question papers too from where the previous question papers from 2008 onwards are published. Marking schemes are available along with most of them.

Have a doubt! Don’t worry! Ask your doubts here in this site or at and we will come up with an answer.

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Practising the diagrams is necessary to get good marks. The aim of every student must be to score the maximum marks and not to lose even a single mark through silly carelessness. So, it is important to practice well to draw the diagrams as per the NCERT text book.

We are planning to publish a series of posts  for all the diagrams as may be required for the AISSCE Class Xii Physics examination. You can view these online or may download and take a print.

Wish you all the best.


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Surprise your teachers with amazing score in Physics !

Do you want to bring a big surprise to your teachers, parents and friends by scoring amazing marks in Physics exam?

Here are some tips!

Have you been branded as a slow learner or a weak students in Physics so far?

Do you fear of failure in Physics in the forthcoming examination?

Is Physics a nightmare to you?

Not any more !


Religiously follow these guidelines and you will be astonished by the results.

These are a set of instructions with proven track record


These are not intended for students who score more than 90%, but for those students who score less than 40%. This will help the students to score more than 60 – 80% depending on how much you are able to follow the directions.

Following the guidelines will help you prepare yourselves to score more with a few days of hard work!

If you are ready Go on … !

Read more…

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CBSE Physics 2007 Board Question Paper solved – Free download

Practising old question paper is good for preparing for the exam. One should be familiar with the pattern and the tpe of questions asked in the board examinations. Download here a solved question paper based on the 2007 CBSE Board examination.

cbse-2007 solved question paper


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Learn the principles to score better in Physics practicals and viva

Hello! Dear students,
CBSE Practical Exams started on 16th and will be completed by15 Feb. Do you know that Practical marks play an important part in giving you a decent percentage? In this competitive world each and every mark is important and will decide you future. So try your best to score the maximum in practical exam. It’s not very difficult to score 30/30 a perfect 100%. Follow these guidelines and you can,


Teacher talking to student at LSI

Every student is expected to record 15 experiments. 8 from section A and 7 from section B. All these must be done and signed by the teacher in charge. There must be a properly maintained index signed by teacher. The certification is a  must. Your teacher and school Principal should certify that the record book is bonafide with the seal of the school.

Activities are also to be recorded.
Investigatory Project
Every student should also submit a record the investigatory project done during the year. This may be submitted in a file. The report may be handwritten or typed. All the sections of the project like introduction, motivation, principle, hypothesis.etc Bibliography is an essential component of the project work. The project report should also contain a “bonafide’ certificate. As part of the project, there should be some data analysis, graph etc and a conclusion.
Viva Voce


The performance in Viva Voce is very important. This is your chance to impress the examiner. For this you need to prepare well. Practice all circuit diagrams and ray diagrams. The principle behind a involved in each experiment is a sure shot.
All the best! Please feel free to ask in case of any doubt. Use the comment column.

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